MGV Capital Group Announces Initial Closing of MGV Capital Fund

MGV Capital Group
Nov 23, 2020 16:08:00

MGV Capital Group Announces Initial Closing of MGV Capital Fund

Early-stage venture capital firm, MGV Capital Group, today announced that it has held an initial closing of its new fund, MGV Capital Fund, LLC. The fund will invest in early stage software technology companies, with a strong focus on four high-growth areas: artificial intelligence/machine learning, augmented analytics, cloud computing and digital platforms. The fund is on track for a final closing in 2021.

“We are excited about the strong support for the fund, especially among family offices and key business leaders,” said Mariano Gonzalez, General Partner and Founder of MGV Capital Group. “Investors in our fund will be provided with the opportunity to maximize returns with a diversified portfolio of high-growth companies, gain access to startups outside of their main geographic location, attain access to co-investment opportunities in a well-vetted portfolio, and rapidly obtain deep knowledge of the venture capital industry, in a cost-efficient manner.”

MGV Capital Group’s purpose is to foster technological innovation and economic growth across North America, by making strategic investments in the most talented entrepreneurs within the region. MGV Capital Group partners with exceptional founders leveraging computer science to solve complex problems, at scale.

In addition to providing startups with early-stage funding, MGV Capital Group offers its portfolio companies world-class strategy consulting, and access to a strong network of founders, investors and business leaders.

“What distinguishes MGV Capital Group from other VC firms, is that unlike the vast majority of our peers, we are top-tier strategists with unparalleled experience in working with CEOs in defining their optimal strategy and corresponding operating model to accelerate value capture. Our perspective comes from 20+ years of experience defining and enabling growth strategy for startups and Fortune 500 companies in four continents.”

About MGV Capital Group

MGV Capital, LLC is a venture capital firm providing strategic capital for digital start-ups, enabling massive growth for early stage ventures across North America.

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